1. A User will click on Provide Help (Donate) and select Bitcoins (BTC)

  2. Then types amount he or she is willing to Provide Help(Donate) with and clicks on ‘submit’.

  3. The User makes the payment to the wallet address of the order.

  4. For Bitcoins, the system confirms via hash

  5. When the transaction is confirmed the user is added on the payout queue.

  6. The member will see an order on the dashboard and confirm when payment is received.

  7. The user goes back to step one.

Referral Bonus

A user can earn a direct  referral Bonuses of 5% for introducing new members to the program.

Manager Bonus

The system will reward all the hardest working members and upgrade them to Country Head Managers and they will earn manager bonus as long as the program is doing well. Members will earn and apply for manager status when they have 100 direct down-lines.


Because this platform wishes for a long term commitment, as well as all our members making profits, we have built into this platform a 100% re-commitment principle, which means that members must always have to recommit to be able to make withdrawals. This implies that a member will have to do a second PH (donation) to withdraw the previous profits. Eg if a member has only $100, the member must first make a PH of $50, thereafter recommit again with $50 to release the profits of  $150(capital plus interest).
Please it very important you explain to all your downlines about this rule, this platform does not accommodate ‘hit and runs’ users. This ensures the system's long term sustainability and reliability


  1. Earn 50% profit on your Provided Help(PH) in 14days.
  2. Earn 5% referral Bonus.
  3. Automatic Bitcoin payment confirmation