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  • Your account will be in a state of suspension until you provide proof that you have resolved the issue and contacted our support team to lift the ban. After your request has been made, your account to be reinstated.
  •     You also understand that you have a total time of 24 hours from the time you register to become a member of international Givers to make up your mind whether you will take part or not.  
  • You understand that it is imperative that you provide help to the member you are paired with within the stipulated time frame given; failure to do this will lead to deletion of your account.

  •     After your account has been removed, you still have a second chance to register again, and will be given another 24 hour period to decide if you want to participate. If after this you still do not take the necessary steps, you will be permanently banned from joining the International Givers community again.
  • Your ability to earn high is tied to the amount financial help you provide to other members. Please be aware that the help you provide is passed around the group from peer to peer and not in any way meant for the founder or owners of this platform. The system only helps to ensure that user donations are regulated and distributed in a fair and just manner.
  •     You understand that contacting other members of this forum for the purpose of promoting other services asides from that related to International Givers is highly prohibited.
  •     Spamming other members attracts a penalty of immediate account suspension. This disqualifies you from receiving help, new sign-ups, and donations.
  •     Under no circumstances, shall any member be involved in producing, creating, or distributing this service, be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages that result from the use of, or inability to use this service.
  •     All the software and files and contained within it, including, but not limited to, reliance on any information obtained through this service; or that result from omissions, mistakes, interruptions, deletion of files or e-mail, defects errors,  viruses, delays in transmission or operation, or any failure of performance, communications failure, theft, destruction or unauthorized access to our records, programs or services.
  •     International Givers reserves the right to ceremoniously include or delete features and adjust any functionality, make rectifications concerning the operations of the platform, the management of memberships, within International Givers, and also make changes to the service on the platform as well as and this agreement without prior notice.
  •     We reserve the right to terminate without notice any membership that appears to be in breach of this contract or otherwise found to misuse the service by harassing the administrator or other members in any way.
  •     In the unlikely event that this platform should ever terminate it's operations and services, it's founder, operators, staff, successors and assigns shall not be held liable for any loss whatsoever to our members.
  •     The following listed websites and individuals are not eligible to participate on this platform: sites/individuals involved in selling, providing links to unlicensed content like pornography, hacking or spamming software, pirated software, email address lists or harvesting software or any materials endorsing hate, violence, revenge, racism, or criminal activity.
  •     We do not give any standard assurance about the amount of money you can make by joining this program. Please be aware that individual results may vary.
  •     Any members caught spamming or deliberately causing harm to our program will have their accounts terminated with immediate effect, they may also be prosecuted for their actions. All suspicious actions will be thoroughly investigated by us before taking action.
  •     All donations knowingly and directly sent by you to a fellow participant are regarded as final. There shall be no refunds.
  •     You understand that every single donation will be made directly by donators to you to your payment processors and that any issues you may have concerning such matters should be taken up with your respective merchant account provider.
  •     You agree to accept email and news updates about International Givers. We assure that we will never clog your mailbox with unsolicited emails or spam.
  •     If you ever get a spam message or abusive content from any member, be sure to report it spam via the contact form.